JAN LEMITZ | Europakorrektur



At the heart of this installation lies the history of the idea of the Eurotunnel between Calais, France and Dover, Great Britain. The tunnel represents the difference between accepted and undesired mobility. In the metaphorical sense, the tunnel resembles the functioning of an optical means of visualisation. Remaining hidden and concealed, it renders control mechanisms of the border regime and subversive practices undermining them visible. 


With material from various sources, photographic traces link supposedly unrelated events. The images originate from official archives, private collections or have come into being in the context of research on the ground. They result in new constellations within a new archive. 


As an umbrella term Europakorrektur refers to the concentration of fractures and contradictions on the surface of a seemingly coherent European identity and to the need to replace existing narratives with informal ones – whether they are political, narrative or visual. 


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