Opening: Friday, 16 May 2008, 7 p.m.
Exhibition: 17 May bis 21 June 2008
Love is part of time 
and time never passes 

Classic terms such as “everlasting love”, “lifelong house” or “eternal life” become part of the past. Logic structures all areas of modern life. Dynamic, speed and change predominate. Even in everyday life the division of time has intensified. All of this prompted us to improvise on love and time. Could lack of concentration make love and time slip through our fingers? Could it be that we are incapable of loving incessantly? That's how strange it is to suddenly no longer feel love – if only for a second! 

We tell a love story with a spiritual motif, where the bodies and characters are intangible. They move in spaces that are dense and full but not conceived as stages. These spaces reveal the figures and their feelings to the viewer. They seem to come closer. In their movement we detect time. Even a face undergoes permanent change if we scrutinize it long enough: sometimes it's beautiful, sometimes ugly, at times young, and then old. The image loses its stability and acquires a dynamic. We show love in time, a love that moves. 

Our photo story emanated from the figures (which we ourselves are): we documented our feelings, our own personal mood, and improvised with friends at home. This photo series was the outcome. No posing. No staging. No script. Our cooperation, our exchange of ideas and our squabbles all contributed to creating its dynamic. 

The pictures are so small that you need to move closer to examine them properly. In this way they acquire a new intimacy and depth. The looking is more concentrated, more intense, more personal. Viewers choose their own path through the exhibition and what they look at. 

to our friends Andrea, Carl, Carlos, Claudia, Feder, Jack, Marc, Natascha, Rina, Rolf, Tobi and Yam, all of whom joined in our experiment!

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