OPEN SPACE 12: Damon Packard | Foxfur

Opening: Friday, 15 February 2013, 7 p.m.
Exhibition: 16 February - 16 March 2013
Loris is pleased to present the Germany’s premiere of Damon Packard’s film Foxfur

The film revolves around a young woman named Foxfur. We meet her while editing a rap video with some clients, but soon she is panic stricken at the thought that two of the biggest names in UFO conspiracy theories have gone missing. 

Foxfur, played alternately by multiple actresses, is a young and troubled woman. She’s getting evicted from her Los Angeles apartment, she’s obsessed with new age ideas about aliens and energy, and she’s unable to get a grip on reality. Her friend is enlisted to get her to her favorite new age book store because of some kind of emergency involving one of those new age authors. The first half of the film follows their antics first running his errands, visiting the bookstore and entering alternate realities, and then Foxfur’s eviction from her apartment before embarking on an Elfquest-inspired romp in the wilderness and an enlightened message form a higher, alien intelligence. 

Because of a constricted budget which led to an inability to shoot the entire narrative script, and thanks to Damon’s genius for utilizing editing techniques and special effects, Foxfurbecomes a non-linear experience about alternate realities starring a bevy of charismatic, and very different-looking, actresses all playing the same character in various scenes.Foxfur has probably the most cohesive narrative structure of all of Damon Packard films, but it is definitely not linear and is rewarding as an experience. Foxfur is best thought of as a total sensory overload of unbridled cinematic and narrative creativity. 

Loris is showing Damon Packard's Foxfur on the occasion of this year's Berlinale Film Festival. 

Born in 1967, Damon Packard lives and works in Los Angeles. 

Exhibitions and screenings (selection): The Thinking’, Sketch Gallery, London (Currently also showing); ‘Best of 2005’, Lincoln Film Center, New York (2005); Redcat Disney Auditorium, Los Angeles; CineSpace Hollywood, Fantasia Fest, ‘Christian Jankowski, Damon Packard, Antoine Prum,’ Art Sheffield 05: Spectator T, Site Gallery, Sheffield (2005); ‘Biennale!’ BizArt, Shanghai & Temporary Contemporary, London (2005); Filler Gallery, Northampton (2005) and ‘Romantic Detachment’, PS1, New York & Grizedale Arts, London (2004).

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