Book Launch


Book Launch: Tuesday, 27.09.2016, 7 pm

– an encounter with DIY cyborgs


In rural small towns in the United States hackers are working on merging man and machine. They develop devices and gadgets to implant into their own bodies, becoming guinea pigs of a transhuman future. Their risky experiments and strong faith into technology’s emancipatory potential challenges science, medicine and ethics equally.

Berlin-based photographer Hannes Wiedemann photographed the US-american bodyhacking community in 2015/16. The age-long myth of enhancement, the future, and innovation, today, is predominantly illustrated via an aesthetics of smooth interfaces; he counters with make-shift arrangements, dirty interiors, and ruthless high-resolution images of corporality.



Current Exhibition

ANDY HELLER, OLIVER KREBS, JAN LEMITZ | Orte zwischen den Welten

within the framework of EMOP Berlin - European Month of Photography 2016


Opening: Friday, 30.09.2016, 7 pm
Exhibition: 01.10–22.10.2016
Finissage: Freitag, 21.10.2016, 7 pm

Lecture: Friday, 14.10.2016, 7 pm
by David Evans: Informal Photography (in english)


Locations between the Spheres

The photographs of Andy Heller, Oliver Krebs and Jan Lemitz peer into the ‘in-between’, exploring places between worlds and offering a surprisingly intimate view of the fragmentations that characterize our time.


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